AFHRA is a creation of Monica Chiozzi. Named after her grandmother, Afhra is an Arabic name that means joy or delight and true to its meaning, Monica’s creations bring sheer joy and delight to the eyes of the beholder. It derives its inspiration primarily from literary sources namely Joseph Conrad and Mohamed Choukri, with the latter having a strong Moroccan influence on her creations. Two other individuals whose literary works have left an indelible impact on her work are the poetry of Anne Sexton and the travel diaries of Annemarie Schwarzenbach.

Adopting a minimalistic style with vibrant colours, her creations ooze a sensuality and elegance that is distinctly feminine. Monica honed her talent in the 80s, in a tumultuous period for Italian fashion. She combined her academic background of artistic and cultural heritage with a passion for fashion that translates into the essence of her creations. She started her career as a designer in the field of luxury leather items and honed her skills working for premium fashion brand Borbonese, as a collection coordinator. She later worked for an eclectic range of high-end brands including Tod’s, which saw her grow as a luxury designer and helped her further develop her talents.

She then launched her own line of creations with products designed for women of all ages. Monica has successfully combined attitude, heritage and femininity, which have become hallmarks of her creation. In September 2016, in line with the spring 2016-2017, Fashion Collection she launched her AFHRA Collection. Each piece is made by the most skilled Italian craftsmen as a labour of love. All of her work is a tribute to the African landscape, which she dreamt about as a child and fell in love with as an adult.


Alexandra’s creations are aesthetically pleasing, functional and luxurious, all of which are hallmarks of every creation of hers. Her signature handbags are handcrafted by master workmen with the entire process of selecting the materials, designing and production done in Italy. Alexandra gains new insights about designs and materials by visiting top tradeshows across Europe every season. A perfectionist Alexandra is on a relentless pursuit into finding only the best materials. Her signature line made from a combination of pure calf leather and bonded suede is lightweight, durable and practical. Her creations are ideal for those why have a busy lifestyle.



The masterful creation of designer Anna Molteni, ABSTRACT, her signature line was created in 2014 and featured her first collection of silk scarves. Her scarves are made from Italian silk of the highest quality, with each piece uniquely styled and designed. Her hallmarks are extensive research and fine detail that go into every single scarf made under the Anna Molteni brand.

She constantly endeavours to be innovative and introduce new textures and images in her creations. Every Anna Molteni creation is original and a work of art.

Baldani as a brand are high end couture luxury handbags designed by the talented and versatile Giada Baldani. Giada has spent decades in dealing with vintage accessories for the biggest fashion houses, which inspired her to create her brand.

She has entrusted the creation of her masterpieces to the finest Italian craftsmen, who use only the highest quality of leather to be found. The end product is priceless. From concept to production it bears the ‘Made in Italy’ hallmark.

With meticulous attention to detail and the most sophisticated designs, her creations bear her distinctive style and elegance. Her creations are for women who revel in luxury and sophistication.

Ludovica Andrina, a talented young designer from Piedmont, presents her creations that combine the elegance of the past with the functionality of the modern. She started out as a refined jewel designer combining her vivacity, elegant tastes and attention to detail, with her innate passion to create masterpieces. Within a short span, she tasted success at the White Milano Fashion week and went on to showcase her creations at the prestigious goldsmith’s show of Vicenza Oro and the Premiere Classe Paris.

Since then her handcrafted jeweled creations have been exhibited at the most exclusive jewel’ stores in Italy and Japan. Her work has also crossed the Atlantic and is sold in New York and also on some of the most renowned e-commerce sites.

The leitmotif of her work is the sheer intricacy of elegant albeit complex, watch mechanisms. Her creations feature the minutest of details engraved on enamels and burnished silver. Despite the complexity of design they exude a refined harmony as is evident in her bracelets, rings, cufflinks and earrings etc. Her creations are for clientele that seek the unique and avant-garde of jewellery. Ludovica’s collection consists of creations that are androgynous in style.

Set in burnished silver 925 along with vitrified enamel, it is a composition that reflects harmony. Her signature HorsLogique line is a blend of the classic that features rare black and grey diamonds set in toothed watch mechanisms – simply stylishly unique. The quality of silver is impeccable, which as it ages, acquires greater lustre over time. Each of the pieces is painstakingly and meticulously handmade by expert Italian artisans.

The CFONTAN collection of accessories for women transcends time and elegance. Each creation radiates a character of its own with sinuous lines and curves, expressive of sensuality and passion – that issue a bold fashion statement. Timeless beautiful creations, her accessories are a blend of beauty and personality, while being attentive to the latest fashion trends.

The origins begin in the beautiful Tuscan landscape, where handicrafts are a passion with the finest Italian craftsmen at their creative best. Every product starts as an idea on the drawing board initially in monochrome with meticulous details going into the product. The underlying concept for each piece is taste, trend and practicality. After this the most perfect leathers are selected from Santa Croce, and colours finalized. Every CFONTAN piece is manufactured and assembled in the beautiful city of Florence. CFONTAN handbags are for women who are fashion trend-setters of their own.

Daphne Descends as a brand was created in 2008, by artist Laura Lambroni. Daphne is an ancient Greek version of the Latin name ‘Laura’. The name is representative of beauty and femininity. It represented the very first collection of the designer. The collection features uniquely created pieces made from moulds, mosses, beehive fragments and dried roots etc. all of which are coated with gold or silver dust and embedded with semi-precious stones. Laura’s forte is that she explores new territories and materials to manufacture her range of accessories. She derives inspiration from the place of her birth – Sardinia in Italy.

All of her accessories are made in Italy. Factors that makes her collection all the more unique is that it features organic materials, among other elements from the earth, which are dried naturally and then used to create her masterpieces. The portfolio of her first collection was done by Ellen Rogers in December 2011. Ellen’s photography style perfectly complements Laura’s creations.

The theme was from a Sardinian legend more than two millennia old, which had Sardinian priestesses sacrifice their lives to save their people from the Romans. The jewellery pieces created by Laura’s are a tribute to the legend. Each piece is hand crafted in Italy, distinctly unique in style and in perfect harmony with nature and the elements.


One of the finest young Italian designers to emerge on the fashion scene is Francesca Evangelista, who in 2012 showcased her stunning collection to the world. Her creations are synonymous with exclusivity, luxury and elegance. Born in Rome, she became aware of her passion for fashion and design at any early age. These had a profound influence on her choice of career. After her schooling, she enrolled at the prestigious European Institute of Design in Rome. After graduation at just 21 years of age, she started her career as a fashion designer.

Francesca gained expertise and experience as a designer with a number of haute couture houses before she realised her true calling and passion, to design handbags. Francesca is a hands-on designer, who follows the manufacture process at each and every step.

Francesca benefited vastly from her stays in Florence and New York. She attributes having gained immense technical experience in New York, which also boosted her creativity and ability to innovate. All of her creations strongly maintain and exhibit her love for her Italian roots. Every single handbag is handmade, using the finest Italian leather and by expert Italian craftsmen in Italy.


The CORDINIRITA brand is the brainchild of Ilaria Ricci, a student of the University of Pavia who has an ardent passion for fashion. Each creation is unique and has a story to tell while bearing the hallmarks of Italian panache. The work is labour intensive and involves long hours of time invested in meticulously creating each piece. The collection features bags that are of the highest quality, limited in number and very exclusive.

The brand is meant for women who have a passion and flair for elegance, trends and luxury, with the accessories serving as extensions of the woman’s persona. While the brand emphasises on luxury, it also ensures functionality is balanced, to ensure that the end product is of practical use. Take a piece like Cordini Rita created by Ricci - It enlivens a woman’s sensuality and personality to such a degree that it overshadows all else around her.

The creative process is long and time consuming. The first step is selection of materials that include the finest fabrics and best of faux leather. Once the designers get their material they interpret the emotions that the materials generate. Then the ideas the designers conceive are sketched on paper. A truly artistic experience the bags are then made individually by hand. The cutting process is exacting and also done by hand. It is done by designers Ilaria and Rita who personally use their expertise to create them. Others are done by highly skilled and experienced artisans in Pavia and Florence, who specialise if faux fur and eco-leather items. In both hours of laborious handwork is needed with the items additionally embellished by ornate designs. Pieces that contain different types of lace or macramé take longer to make.

Created to perfection from the finest quality of materials CORDINIRITA creations synonymise Italian perfection of craftsmanship.

Laura Della Vega’s signature LDV collection is distinctly Italian in style. The handbags are manufactured using unique and elegant materials and designs. The leather is carefully declined coloured and branded with prints that create a strikingly cool look. Every handbag is handmade in Italy. Laura’s expertise is evident in the attention to details, with clean elegant lines made from the finest leather that cater to the most fashion conscious.

The LDV brand was formed with support from Laura’s sister, Elena Masciadri, a talented photographer in her own right. Together they created an enduring brand of fashion. Art has always held a fascination for Laura, which resulted in her graduating as a fashion designer from the prestigious Istituto Marangoni. She has worked in some of the biggest couture houses in Italy. It was her involvement in a leather design project that provided a fillip to develop her own personal collection. She draws inspiration from artist Tamara De Lempicka for her handbags.

Her work is constantly evolving with an ongoing quest for new materials. She is very discerning in her choice of leather that is then aged printed for their distinctive appearance. Her handbags in 3D are even more striking as they seem to come to life. A LDV bag is a trio of passion, creativity and fashion. She strives to combine a variety of artistic sensibilities, which she then attempts to reflect in her impeccable creations.

VODIVÌ is a fashion house created in collaboration with the Slow Tourism Association, with a purpose to create a brand whose collection of bags and accessories are manufactured exclusively in Italy. Every piece is made from natural materials using authentic artisanal traditions that reflect the personalities of the regions they draw inspiration from. VODIVI creations are an embodiment of nature and history from which inspiration is drawn. When you use a VODIVI creation you know they have been created giving respect to the environment and artisans who created it.

VODIVI products have a sense of refinement and elegance that is a result of the Umbrian artisanal tradition. Every single material used is organic in nature. E.g. the hemp used is woven and manufactured in Italy and involves no other external process. This makes every single product durable, in contrast to the delicate appearance. Only natural plant dyes are used with attention to detail and artisanal packaging make every single item unique.

Only the choicest raw materials are used ranging from vegetable tanned leather from Consorzio Toscano, metal accessories, glass beads, silver from Arezzo, semi-precious pink stones from Monte Subasio. All of these materials in the hands of skilled Umbrian artisans are transformed into the finest fashion accessories money can buy.

An Italian all female company based in Umbria, Terni. Panù born from the constant search for innovative forms and the experimentation of different materials.
The attention to detail in Panù is a prerequisite. It can be seen from the packaging, distinctive and in line with the constant search of materials. Made in pluriball, strictly handmade.
The Collection is characterized by a fun and contemporary material: PVC. After careful research PANÙ uses a pvc made of vegetable ingredients that makes it softer and malleable than ordinary ones, which gives the finished product more strength and lightness
Another important zoom is done on silicon details, all marked Panù.
The result of an accurate study in collaboration with another Italian design partner.

VeRsAtile hand creation Milano is a brand, whose every accessory is designed and tailored to perfection. The brand is a partnership of two talented designers committed to the Design Tricot. With handmade concepts being in vogue, they created a handmade bag in Italy, using the best Italian artisans, fine yarns and meticulous attention to detail.

The hallmarks of their creations are sophistication and versatility. Their handbags come with a unique combination of detachable and convertible handles in different styles. These can be changed as per the occasion, the outfit or just your mood. Each creation is a one-off piece that can be subtle or flashy. Made from different materials in different colours they can be customised as well. Each bag takes 6 painstaking hours of handiwork to create.

The Collection makes use of fine yarns, Lurex, deluxe Cotton, Paglia di Fiesole, rare Cachemire and a unique blend of patterns. Each bag comes with detachable handles made from resin/methalcrylate material and a fine brassy chain in different colour options. You could carry it as a clutch, on your shoulder or cross body. The creation can be customised through embroidered initials or a name in the lining.


The story of the Benario brand is that of a love story, involving two strangers who met by chance on a train travelling from Venice to Florence. Founded in 2015, by Samuele Shalloufeh, Benario is a brand of fine leather accessories.

Samuele and Christine met, fell in love, married and together created a fabulous seventeen years of partnership manufacturing and retailing leather goods. They launched their Made in Italy, Luna Collection in 2015, which features women’s handbags and accessories.

The leather is of the highest quality from Tuscany, with all of the creations manufactured in Italy by the country’s most famous manufacturers, many of whom supply the top fashion houses of the world. You know you have a world class handbag or accessory when you own a Benario product.

Handmade jewellery of impeccable standards is what the Vualle brand of fashion symbolises. The delicate pieces are crafted by hand diligently, with semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals adorning each piece. Its immaculate collection titled – ‘ASIAN FLOWER’ – is customised for the modern woman who exudes glamour and poise at all times.

The collection derives its inspiration from the 60s and 70s and the Art Deco style, while being elaborate in detail and bearing Oriental finesse. Designed and made in Italy, every creation is thoroughly researched, with perfectly balanced proportions and colours that infuse each ornament with femininity and sensual style.

Erika Zenati’s accessories are created by her with an artist-craftsman’s zeal and quest for perfection. It comes from all the years she spent in away from the glamour of the catwalk, exploring showrooms, hobnobbing with buyers and sellers of high-end accessories and fashion. All of this has honed her creativity and her intimate knowledge of materials, luxury designs and brands. The results are her spectacular one of a kind exquisitely Italian accessories that are a must have for every fashionable woman. All the pieces are crafted in Italy from the finest materials available.

Erika aptly summarises her creations with the statement ‘the bag is an extension of body, of house, of heart.’