Understand how to accessorise your outfit with just the right balance of jewellery to complete your ensemble and look dazzling.

Italian fashion is all about making bold choices, wearing them with elegance and pride, and selecting the perfect finishing touches to complete the look. There are many accessories that can pull an outfit together and the right jewellery can really make or break an ensemble, adding just the right amount of detail to create a ‘wow’ factor. The trick is to know the right type and amount of jewellery to wear before it becomes overkill. Here are some tips to help you strike the right balance.

Know Your Metals

It’s important that you wear a metal tone that suits your skin and your clothing. Gold and silver tones are common, but it is important that you don’t mix them as this creates an unattractive effect. If you opt for a gold ring, then ensure that your watch is also gold for instance.

Silver-toned jewellery including silver itself, as well as platinum, stainless steel and chrome are all excellent choices as they tend not to clash with anything that you might be wearing.

They look stunning alongside a monochrome ensemble, but do equally well with light summery fabrics. Gold on the other hand is a much warmer metal and goes well with natural colours such as earthy browns, or vibrant yellows.

Take care that if you’re wearing multiple items of gold jewellery, that their tones may clash somewhat as the colour of gold can vary significantly. This is particularly true with gold metals that are located near to each other on the body, such as a gold watch strap next to a gold wedding band.


When it comes to jewellery, be adventurous and wear chunky and bold designs which will stand out and complement your clothes. Italian fashion accessories such as a Ludovica Andrina Barababac unisex ring tend to display intricate and eye-catching patterns that act as a focal point and create intrigue. Alternatively, an ostentatious belt buckle or attractive watch strap is the perfect statement piece.

Finding The Right Balance

One of the most common questions asked is how much can they get away with wearing? While there is no firm answer to this question, a good rule of thumb to follow is ‘less is more’, particularly when it comes to professional situations. One or two rings, a classic timeless watch and a single chain necklace with matching earrings are enough to make a statement, whereas a hand that is covered in three or four rings, and a neck dripping in multiple chains begins to look over the top.

When trying to decide what jewellery to wear, always consider the entirety of your ensemble and the look that you’re trying to achieve. This will help enormously with selecting the right pieces and quantity of jewellery and whether you wish to create a subtle or a more eye-catching effect.

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