Vettore - VodivìA Bold Attitude to Style

Italian men can’t seem to put a foot wrong when it comes to getting dressed. So what’s their secret?

If there’s one thing Italian men are known for, it’s their style. Whether they’re heading to the office or relaxing at the weekend, these guys are always impeccably turned out. So how do they do it? Well, there are a few different aspects to what you’d think of as a typical Italian man’s style. From accessories all the way up to their hair, these men take looking good very seriously indeed. So if you want to replicate their style, here’s everything you need to know.

Rules? What rules?

The first thing to remember is that when it comes to dressing like a true Italian, there are no rules. Mediterranean men don’t pay much attention to what tradition dictates that they should wear, nor are they slaves to fashion trends that come and go. Instead, they’re somewhere in the middle. They know what suits them, and craft their own signature style. They’re not afraid to mix things up though, and will regularly update their looks with something that just takes the whole thing to the next level. Rules are made to be broken, and Italian men do that very well.

Suited and booted

Italian guys are famous for their love of suits, and when it comes to tailoring only the utmost precision will do. Italians spend plenty of time figuring out what kind of suit works for their body shape – and once they have, they go about perfecting it. That means trips to the tailor to turn their good suit into a great one. Even the smallest adjustments will make a difference – an inch off the bottom of your trousers or a button moved just so. So find a suit that works for you, and then make it work even better.

Keeping your locks in check

Italian men are always well groomed, with their hair and beards in impeccable condition. These guys embrace what they were born with, and so should you. Make a trip to a barber part of your routine, and keep your locks tidy, but don’t have your barber hack them all off. Much like a perfect suit, find a style that works for you and tweak it until you look fantastic. If you have a beard, keep it tidy, and invest in some lotions and potions to stop it from looking wiry.

Stylish accessories

Italians put a lot of emphasis on carefully selected finishing touches. So if you want to replicate their style, you’re going to need to invest in some Italian fashion accessories. Whether it’s a stylish leather bag, a snazzy bow tie, a colourful scarf or a classic watch, some beautiful accessories will be the final piece in the puzzle.

Introduce some Mediterranean magic to your wardrobe

As you can see, Italian style is as much about your attitude to fashion as it is the clothes you wear. It’s about finding a style that works for you, not making yourself fit a particular style. It’s about taking the time to find quality pieces too – and carefully selecting accessories that will help you to stand out from the crowd. So why not break your style rut and transform your look? You’ll attract admiring glances wherever you go!

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